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What Is Nexploro

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It's about the next new thing in the ever-changing world of marketing, web, and digitalization. Using our industry knowledge and your existing data and experience, we are excited to support your growth in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

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It's about being in the present while embracing the movement forward. Being curious and open-minded when exploring new ways to accomplish things. Share a similar mindset? Let's talk about your ideas and how Nexploro can help you in their realization!

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It's about innovative, outside-the-box thinking. About freedom and flexibility, which we as a small team with a solid network, have the advantage to benefit from. In this fast-paced environment, the capacity for creativity and quick direction changes it's essential.

Our story

How It All Started

There’s a unique story behind each of us, and Nexploro is no different. Although we officially started this journey in 2020, the history goes a bit further. Specifically to the point when Vojta began to goof around web development back in 2005 (because who the hell liked the design of old blogging sites, huh?), learning basics of SEO and getting first clients.

Many things have changed along the way. Exploring different paths and traveling has caused short breaks and diversion from the industry. The road took him all the way to Ireland, where he gained a position in digital marketing projects. Working with the best people in the industry and for the world’s biggest companies has given this situation a new edge.

Since then, having freelance, in-house, and agency experience, it was just a matter of time before a mere idea became a reality. Creating a space where we could join as professionals, friends and help people realize their own dreams. To better navigate the digital space and support businesses of all shapes and sizes to thrive. All this with passion, empathy, and vision – authentically.

That’s when Nexploro was born. We’re just at the beginning of our journey, but we enjoy every second. Join us!

About us Illustration
our direction

Where We're Heading


Our primary focus is on being a reliable partner for small and medium businesses in web creation and a spectrum of effective, sustainable marketing activities.​ We want you to be seen and heard in the online world!


We're not playing games!
We believe that being genuine and authentic is a key ingredient in creating more human communication for a brand that people can healthily relate to.


We want to be part of a social transformation and support companies towards sustainability through modern technology. Even customers increasingly prefer responsible brands that respond positively to social issues.

our people

Hello, We Are Nexplorers


Vojtěch Šplinar

Founder & Digital Nexplorer


Veronika Hrubá

Digital Nexplorer & Eco Guru


Monika "Momo" Pavlovičová

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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